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Introduce drones technology in paddy farming

The Perak State Farmers' Organization (PPN) plans to introduce the use of drones to carry out spraying pesticides above padi fields throughout the state commercially in the future. 

The use of the latest technology is part of its efforts to introduce precise farming (Precision Farming) as practiced in developed countries to increase farmer income. 

Initially, Perak's PPN will make Bagan Tiang / Parit Buntar Area Farmers' Organization (PPK) the padi fields area as the pilot project of the latest technology that is expected to begin next year. 

Commitment to applies drones above padi fileds proves that PPN Perak is always following the era of circulation with the preparation of the latest technology in agriculture. 

Based on the information provided, the use of drones is believed to save 20 percent of the time of spraying as well as saving the consumption of pesticides by 30 percent compared to conventional methods. 

Perak’s PPN did not hesitate to fully devote drone use not only in pesticides, but also expanded to seeding and fertilizing work in each farmer in Perak.

Date of Input: 25/10/2018 | Updated: 25/10/2018 | sanusimz


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