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China introduces space station 'Heavenly Palace'

Zhuhai, China, Nov. 6 - China today revealed its first space replica replica to replace the international lab as well as symbolizing the country's ambitions to dominate space.

The 17-meter-long core module attracts China's air show airs once every two years in the southern city of Zhuhai, a major aerospace industry exhibition in the country.

This model represents the Tiangong workspace and space - or "Heavenly Palace" - will also have two other modules for scientific experimental purposes and will be equipped with solar panels.

Three astronauts will be stationed permanently at a 60 tonnes laboratory that orbits the earth, to enable biological and microgravity research.

The installation of the lab is expected to be completed around 2022 and the station will have a lifespan of about 10 years.

International Space Station or ISS - representing cooperation between United States, Russia, Canada, Europe and Japan - has been operating since 1998 but will expire in 2024.

China will be the only country to have a space station in orbit, although its size is smaller than the ISS weighing 400 tons or as big as a football field.

The communist nation in May announced that the lab would open to all countries to conduct science experiments.

The European Space Agency has sent astronauts to China to get training working at China's space station as it launches.

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